UI Design



Objective: Design a responsive user interface for the login page of the BiteSite website.

Role: Sole UI Designer

This project involved styling the staff portal login page for BiteSite, a small firm specializing in custom software. The constraints were fairly open, requiring only that the design be responsive; an unstyled HTML page was provided for reference, shown below.

Initial Sketches

The general layout for the login page was straightforward, especially on mobile. On desktop, a two-column layout felt like a good way to separate the login form itself from the secondary content on the page.

Choosing A Palette

The BiteSite wordmark logo uses a dark teal, which felt important to incorporate in the palette; the challenge here was to deliver a colour palette that complemented it. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources, and in this case came from a wedding photo, where the bridal party wore a similar teal and held bouquets of coral-coloured flowers.

The Final Design

After some iteration, the final design was submitted. The brand colour is used in the form's text and iconography, and the coral colour gives the page a vibrant, modern look when paired with clean, legible sans-serif fonts like Roboto.

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