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Objective: Design the user experience for an iPhone app that connects pet owners with certified experts.

Role: Sole UX Designer

Pet owners need a way to get expert help on many different topics quickly, since doing an online search for help can be time consuming and the information is not always reliable. Pet owners are not always able to visit their veterinarians for issues, and sometimes an in-person visit isn’t necessary. This case study explores the process involved in researching and implementing the UX design for an easy-to-use app that provides pet owners with access to pet experts that are certified in their fields.

Surveys and Interviews

Surveys and interviews were conducted to get a more in-depth understanding of pet owner’s needs, wants, and goals. In total, three interviews were performed, and 17 participants were surveyed. Below are the insights gained.

Behaviours, Attitudes, and Goals

Affinity Mapping

Survey Results



Taking these insights from the surveys and interviews, two personas were created to to stay focused on who the users are throughout the design process. Various needs, behaviours, and frustrations were selected from each of the interviewees, whose ages were between 35-48 years old.

Journey Maps


Based on the research up to this point, as well as the personas and user journey created, the following opportunities were identified for the app.

Card Sorting

A closed digital card sort analysis was conducted that consisted of 3 categories and 19 cards to sort; this gave a better idea of where users expected to find information within the app.

IA and Site Map

Using the results from the card sort helped create the information architecture to organise the app’s content.  From there, the sitemap was created, keeping the navigation simple.

Information Architecture

Site Map

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Searching & Reading Articles
Filtering & Selecting Expert Bio
Scheduling Video Chat with Expert

Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

Searching & Reading Articles
Filtering & Selecting Expert Bio
Scheduling Video Chat with Expert

Usability and Peer Testing

The prototype was tested with six individuals; four peers reviewed it as well. Some of the insights gleaned from the results included:


Both suggestions from peers and the results of user testing were used to iterate on the the original prototype. Below, a glimpse of some changes between the original design (on the left) and the updated version (on the right).

On the Expert's Bio screen, the CTA buttons were enlarged and icons were added to make them more visually distinct.

Some users were confused by the original wording of the button here, so it was changed from "Narrow Search" to "Filter Experts".

Seeing the screen behind the filter was distracting, so the filter was made to be full screen for a cleaner experience.

Most users found the scheduling workflow to be generally confusing. The single-screen approach was changed to a wizard, to better guide the user through the process of scheduling a video chat.

The home screen was removed in the final iteration, along with its position in the tab bar, as peers found it to be redundant.

Final Prototype

View the final prototype on InVision.

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